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Learn how to do something that 50% of businesses can't do...

Implement a new ERP on time and under budget!

You know the stats: ERP implementations are lengthy, costly, and a little bit scary. 
You’ve heard the horror stories of companies losing millions (even billions) of dollars on an ERP failure. It's true that almost 50% of ERP implementations are deemed "failures" for one reason or another—but it doesn't have to be that way. 
We’ve spent months going through case studies, research reports and detailed statistics to discover the real reason why more than half of all ERP implementations fail. Our conclusion: almost all ERP implementation failures are caused by one simple thing
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The secret to ERP implementation success

This guide doesn't just explain why so many ERP implementations fail: it explains what you can do to make sure your next implementation is a success. You’ll get detailed, expert advice on: 

  • Managing an ERP implementation team
  • Dealing with conflict and scope creep
  • Creating a change management plan
  • Working with different communication styles
  • …and much much more. 

The advice in this guide can potentially save your business months of stress and millions of dollars.

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