The secret to a successful ERP implementation

There are three ingredients in the recipe for ERP implementation: people, processes and technology. But after spending months reading case studies, research reports and detailed statistics, we realized that one of these three things was responsible for nearly all ERP failures. 
It's not technology. It's not processes. It's people. 
Poor research, bad decisions, ineffective communication, personnel issues, ego, apathy, stress: when companies look back on why their ERP implementation failed, these are the factors that are always mentioned. 
Our free guide will show you how to manage the human side of ERP implementations. 
Because the human factor is the most critical—and most overlooked—part of your business. 

This free guide could save you months of stress

This guide shows you how to do something that nearly 50% of businesses have trouble doing: successfully implement an ERP system, on time and on budget. You'll get detailed, actionable advice on the human factors of ERP implementation, including: 
  • Navigating diverse teams
  • Dealing with conflict and scope creep
  • Creating a change management plan
  • Working with different communication styles
  • …and much much more. 

ERP implementations are long, complicated and expensive. Save your company time and money: arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make every ERP implementation a success. 

Get your free copy of Why ERP Implementations Fail today!