Mining webinar recording:

How to quickly transition from deposit to operations

Creating business-critical solutions with Novacura 

This 40-minute webinar will change your mining operation

Transitioning from a project-oriented startup to a fully operational company, with a sustainable future in terms of production, can be difficult in a competitive market like mining.

Financing is one of your top concerns. But when all the time and attention is focused on one issue, you can miss other important issues like ERP processes, platforms, and thinking about the overall solution. And if you don't plan for these issues early, it can come back and bite you later on in the form of:

  • lack of control in purchasing
  • poor project management control
  • lower productivity across the board

The solution? Systems that scale with your needs and are ready to go into operation when you are. 

Learn how to minimize risk and maximize productivity as you transition from planning to operations. 

Using Novacura Flow, mining companies around the world—including Kaunis Iron and Covia— have improved their business processes, streamlined their systems, and achieved significant digital transformation. We'll show you how these companies have used Flow to:

  • consolidate business systems

  • minimize cost per ton

  • minimize operational downtime

  • improve mine safety

...all while cutting IT maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

Topics covered:

  • How to minimize project lead time and risk when transitioning from planning to operations

  • How to maximize uptime through the use of dashboards and process management tools

  • How the Novacura Flow platform will connect and transform all processes in your mining business



Östen Westman

Sales Director Nordics, Novacura

Östen has over 25 years of international experience from different roles within the software industry, from programming to working as a senior advisor. His specialties are large ERP implementations for asset-intensive customers.


Paul Phillips

Sales Director North America, Novacura

With a foundation in mining and minerals, Paul understands the real challenges organizations face in asset-intensive industries. His expertise is in adopting advancing technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, for companies looking to get total value from their investment.