Safety and productivity come first.

Novacura's COVID-19 Response Management Suite will help you keep your employees safe and productive, wherever they (and you) are.

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Apps included in the suite

Available at no cost for Novacura customers. Includes 2 months of XMReality remote guidance technology.


Employee help request

Use augmented reality to provide real-time support to employees wherever they are. Using XMReality remote guidance technology, you can use hand and/or screen overlays to provide remote help to employees wherever they are.


Employee check-in

Some jobs just can’t be done remotely. This app helps you manage requests to enter the office while maintaining social distancing measures and making sure there aren’t too many people in the office at any given time. 


Employee leave request

An easy way for employees to request sick leave, vacation time or other types of leave while working remotely. Includes a portal to manage sick leave requests, arrange schedules, and maximize the productivity of your available workforce.

Employee help request

Employee remote support can be used for technical support, field service, or anything where you need to provide remote technical assistance. When an employee has a question that requires more detail than a written answer can provide, the remote support app is here to help. Includes 2 free months of XMReality remote guidance.

How it works

help request1
Submit support request

When the employee or customer needs visual assistance with an issue, they can fill out a form and request remote help.

help request2
Support portal

The case goes to a support portal where the case manager can assign resources and manage the status of the request.

help request 3
Help request response

The case manager then creates users in XMReality and sends an email to the employee with a link to a remote support meeting. The link can be opened up using the Google Chrome browser.

case manager using xmreality
Remote guidance

The employee can share their screen or camera with the case manager. The case manager can use hand overlay, pointer, and writing tools to help the employee with their issue.


Employee check-in

There are times when an employee simply needs to be in the office or the field. Booking these situations in advance helps you ensure that your work locations are productive and that your employees are following the social distancing measures set out by your local government.

How it works

help request1
Check in

The employee opens the app and fills out a quick survey on their current health status. At the end of the survey, the app tells the employee how to proceed: stay home, book time in the office, etc. The system automatically leads you to the check-out screen if you previously checked in.

check in out2-1
Manager portal

Requests and status updates are sent to a Portal. From the Portal, the manager can check review employee statuses and locations, check employees in and out of locations, and ensure the health of employees and coworkers.

Employee leave request

Calling in sick is sometimes difficult or awkward for remote workers since they’re already at home. Making the process easier and less awkward is one of the ways you can support your employees and distribute workload appropriately.

How it works

leave request
Leave request

The employee opens the app and fills out a leave request. The leave request includes leave type, leave dates and times, and place to attach documents if necessary.

leave request 2
Leave request portal

The manager can also review, adjust and/or approve all time off requests through the portal. Simply drag and drop requests to the appropriate place.

Free for every Novacura customer

Includes 2 free months of XMReality remote guidance.