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Why is Novacura Flow an enabler of Best-Of-Breed?

If you’re not already there you will most likely get there. All the way from small to medium and large-sized enterprises you will most likely find yourself sitting in a situation where you are in desperate need of tools to increase revenue or just decrease cost. There is not one simple answer to that question. But I will give it a go explaining why you need to start to consider to use best-of-breed software in your organization.

And always remember, others have had similar situations as you. You are rarely alone. And you should use the fact that technology is going forward in a pace that you can’t keep up with yourself.

But beware, just don´t go and purchase any additional software off the shelf. You should think wisely about which software you purchase and how you use it.  I will not start to talk about actual value and result and the measuring of all changes in an organization. That is a different blog post.

Instead ask yourself, what´s your core business? If your answer is manufacturing of the type large-scale machines of the type engineer-to-order. You will probably get more out of optimizing your processes connected to automations of drawings, purchasing and manufacturing instead of investing a lot of money on a tool optimized for producing and shipping small parcels in many shipments.

Aim to get to a situation where you have spent most money where you get most value. It feels quite logical. But it´s more than once that organizations find themselves spending millions (Currency of your choice) on implementing changes without proper investigation.

Sometimes you shouldn´t get rid of the solutions you think you should. Invest the money in your core and prepare your business properly. Sometimes your specific demands make it totally reasonable to have multiple ERP’s specialized WMS-applications and software such as GIS/NIS/maintenance software to get the most out of yours.

So, make sure you consider the use of Best-Of-Breed software suited for your business and a platform that supports the integration of them. We have found Novacura Flow to be a great contributor to just that. An enabler of replacing systems you don´t need, adding the systems you should have and keeping the systems that will continue to give you value.

  • Work with integration-enabling partners
  • Make sure you can create the interfaces necessary for all your users
  • Don’t lock yourself into 1 supplier or system.

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Posted by: Andreas Lindqvist

Andreas Lindqvist, Sales Manager
Andreas Lindqvist is our Nordic Sales manager located in the north of Sweden . Andreas has made a career from local production planner to global IT service management and Global IT project manager connected to ERP and other business systems. Before joining the sales team at Novacura Andreas was working as a consultant and project manager at Novacura. Core segments of competence are complex IT and global business environments, manufacturing, logistics and process improvement.



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