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Topic: Mining

Topics: IFS Applications, ERP Implementation, BPM, Mining

How to connect mining equipment directly to your business system

July 13th, 2021
connect mining equipment directly to your business system
Novacura has 10+ years of experience in the mining industry. Over the years, we have observed the following common ...

Topics: Business process, ERP, Mining

How mining companies can quickly transition from deposit to operations

September 10th, 2020
Many mining operations have difficulties transitioning from the planning stage to being fully operational. This is ...

Topics: Insider, News, IFS Applications, Service & Asset Management, Energy, Supply Chain, Mining

Interview with Colin Beaney part 1: COVID-19 and digital twins

August 19th, 2020
2020 has been a year full of surprises. But in resource-based industries like energy and mining, surprises aren't ...