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Remote Visual Assistance: How Does it Work?

There are many ways augmented reality can improve field service. One of the most exciting developments might be remote visual assistance (also called remote guidance). Remote visual assistance is a way for technicians in the field to get advice and guidance right from their mobile device—whether that's a smartphone, a tablet or even a set of AR glasses.

We recently wrote a blog post about the benefits of remote visual assistance for field service: you can read that here.

And if you want to see remote visual assistance in action, watch this video for a quick demonstration.


To learn more about remote visual assistance for field service, contact Novacura today.


Posted by: Östen Westman

Östen Westman, Sales Director Business Solutions Nordics
Experienced Sales & Business Development Director in Novacura (since 2013). Previously independent consultant responsible for ERP systems implementations. Highly skilled in IFS – used to work in IFS as an ERP consultant for >13 years. Large understanding of business processes in different industries – especially Mining, Energy and Manufacturing. Strong business advisor with a solid technological background – a graduated BS of Computer Science in the Umeå universitet.



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