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Öhlins sees the potential of Novacura Flow

Öhlins Racing AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures advanced suspension systems for cars, motorbikes, mountain bikes and the motor sports industry. Öhlins offers high-quality products, servicing and support to the aftermarket, OEM partners and racing teams. Around 97% of its output is exported, and Öhlins has distribution operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Work began a while back to find an alternative for its existing warehouse management software.
Öhlins Racing
“We wanted to develop our system processes and become a more effective, better producer,” explains Magnus Nensén, an Application Specialist at Öhlins.
They looked at a number of different suppliers who specialised in warehouse management software before making a decision. And instead of simply replacing their warehouse management system with another one, Öhlins opted for Novacura Flow.

“One reason for choosing Flow was that we soon learnt that the system has more opportunities for doing more things for us,” adds Magnus. “It also allows us to make quick adjustments to the flows – we can now make changes in just a couple of hours. Flow has the potential to make us faster and to improve quality throughout the entire chain, from manufacturing to customer delivery.”

Öhlins expects to go live with the new software during the autumn.

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