Novacura Opens New Office in Sundsvall

The new Sundsvall office will increase service to Novacura customers in Northern Sweden

Novacura is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Sundsvall. It is hoped that the new Sundsvall location will establish Novacura as a supplier to the core industries of Sweden, namely mining and forestry.

“My biggest office goal is to establish Novacura as a go-to both as a great employer and as a process improver”, says Andreas Lindqvist of Novacura, who is establishing the office in Sundsvall.

Novacura is one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden and were named a DI Gasell company in 2018. They have close to 130 employees in nine countries, including seven offices in Sweden.

Novacura Sundsvall is currently an office of one, but the hope is to have between two and five people on staff by the end of the year.

“The city is geographically the center of Sweden and a good representative for many major Northern companies”, says Fredrik Thanche, VP of Consulting at Novacura. “Having a stronghold in Sundsvall will benefit all Novacura customers connected to manufacturing as we will enhance that competence in our company”.

Posted by: Novacura

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