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Novacura Finland included in new IFS Channel Partner agreement

Novacura and IFS are currently negotiating a new IFS Channel Partner agreement. In this new agreement, we will include Finland as part of it. The new agreement means that Novacura can sell IFS software, IFS Cloud to Focused industries and customer segments in Finland. As already is the case in Sweden and Norway, new potential IFS customers in Finland can then use Novacuras deep IFS competence and industry expertise to implement IFS Cloud.

The joint ambition of Novacura and IFS is to expand the usage of IFS in Finland and support the IFS customers with value-adding solutions and services. Growing the team of Novacura consultants in Finland will give local customers more choices to select a partner that offers them the services that suit them best.

A quality stamp for the work we already do

Already today, Novacura Finland provides IFS consultancy to selected customers. With the agility of Novacura FLOW in combination with IFS, the customers enjoy a more flexible, adjustable and efficient technical Solution. A Channel partner Agreement, including Finland, signifies our joint ambition to grow the IFS community and increase the number of satisfied IFS users in Finland. The partnership is a quality stamp of the work we already do here.

  • Novacura is already today delivering support and AMS services, covering IFS and Novacura FLOW.
  • We are working with IFS consulting on case-by-case issues, such as creating migrations and other tasks.
  • Our skilled team of senior IFS consultants assists the Novacura Global team with IFS implementations in Scandinavia, central Europe, and the US. This experience adds value when helping our IFS customers in the local market.

Existing Novacura FLOW solutions in the Finnish market

We have several types of customers that are using FLOW solutions. Some customers have realized how easy it is to support the business with tailor-made solutions;

  • We have customers that create Flow solutions by themselves like:
    - Shop floor reporting with handheld scanners
    - Integrations between MES and IFS10
  • MobileTime clock functionalities

We are also seeing great interest in using Novacura FLOW as a tool for integration and an enabler for Cloud, taking out modifications;

  • One customer is currently using Flow as a sophisticated REST integration engine between CRM and IFS10.

Others are solving gaps and technical challenges in older IFS versions with Novacura FLOW;

For one customer, we have created a solution that makes it possible to create a Sales quotation on IFS8 with products sold from different sites. This would not be possible in a standard IFS where the site data is on Sales Quotation Header. We have solved the issue with IFS configurations and Flow as a step-by-step Quotation Tool wizard. This makes it much easier for the customer to manage quotes as there is no need to create one quote per product. The wizard also makes it possible to connect delivery standard phrases and attachments in a step-by-step workflow. It also creates a pdf printout that can be sent through email.

What's the benefit of using Novacura Finland as your IFS partner?

Our team has a local presence backed up by the capacity and expertise of a global team, in total, some 75 IFS consultants.

With Novacura Flow, we have the tools and the methods to find solutions that others cannot even imagine to be existing, considering the limitations of IFS.

This is a bold statement, but it has been proved several times where Novacuras Zero Modification model has been successfully implemented where others find it "impossible" due to a large number of modifications.

We add the deep competence that comes from a long IFS background. We combine that with industry knowledge, focused Industry solutions and references from a good number of successful upgrades.

"I'm excited about this change. We have been working with Finnish IFS clients before but now we can really work together with IFS to find the best possible solutions for the customer that will benefit the whole IFS community."
- Tom Bergman, Consulting Manager, Novacura


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