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Novacura Christmas Charity Challenge – it’s magic!

A few weeks ago, Novacura launched our Christmas Charity initiative. The initiative worked like this:

  • Each Novacura office would choose a charity
  • Novacura employees donated/raised money for their charity
  • On December 18th, the offices reported their donation totals back to Novacura HQ

Each Novacura office has done a fantastic job collecting money for their respective charities.

In total, Novacura's offices raised 58,542 SEK for charity!
(That works out to 5,591 EUR/6,228 USD/23,798 PLN/1,147,882 LKR.)

Novacura HQ is going to match that amount (58 542 SEK) in a donation to Doctors Without Borders

This means that as a company, Novacura has contributed 117,084 SEK to charity this holiday season.

In addition, the sum we donated to MSF will be matched by Akelius.

One of Novacura’s core values is “we care,” and it's absolutely true. The fact that we not only care about and respect the people that we work with, but also the people and environment around us, makes us stronger as a company. Our contributions to charity this year are just one example. 

Happy holidays everyone!

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