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Novacura flow used in warehouse

Maxon Group uses Novacura Flow to improve the operational efficiency of its warehouse

Just as businesses rely on maxon to power essential tools and industrial applications, maxon relies on Novacura Flow to improve efficiency and visibility throughout its warehouse.

For the last 60 years, maxon Group has been a leader in the DC motor industry. As a supplier of high-precision drive systems and a Swiss manufacturer with a manufacturing footprint in 9 countries and a distribution network in 40 countries, maxon sets the bar for quality and durability. Businesses turn to maxon when requirements for high-performing motors are high and compromises cannot afford to be made. As a result, maxon is relied on to drive NASA’s Mars rovers, to power insulin and surgical tools, and in other high-precision industrial applications. To improve visibility into where its products were in the manufacturing process, maxon was looking for a way to automate manual processes and improve efficiency throughout its warehouse.

Maxon Group purchased Novacura Flow in the middle of 2018 and was implemented at the beginning of 2019. Immediately upon the deployment of Novacura, maxon noticed improvements in areas of logistics, production and warehouse management for its 260 employees across its network of maxon production sites and subsidiaries.

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"I really like Novacura Flow because of its flexibility. From a software engineering perspective, the flow and processes can easily be visualized and modified. As a user, I like that Novacura Flow guides me through the whole process. If it is in picking material or in another daily routine. I see well on the screen in which step I am and what I have to scan/do next.” 

- Mario Bischofberger, Lean Manager Logistics and Supply Chain, Department “Global Logistics & Customs”



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