[Webinar Replay] Extending IFS Applications with Novacura Flow

Are you an IFS customer? Do you wish you could get more out of your ERP? Then you’re going to want to watch the replay of our webinar Extending IFS Applications with Novacura Flow. This webinar will show you how other Novacura/IFS customers have used Novacura Flow to: 
  • Mobilize their business processes
  • Make IFS more user friendly
  • Create their own apps and workflows
  • …and a whole lot more!
You've heard how Novacura has helped businesses extend the capabilities of IFS Applications. Here's your chance to see Novacura Flow in action, and find out how it can work for your business too.
Posted by: Novacura

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Flow is your tool to innovate, transform and improve your core business processes, using your existing ERP. 

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