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News about IFS Cloud in the context of your business area

As IFS Partners we've noticed that many of our customers are curious about the newly launched IFS Cloud.

Therefore we want to highlight some of the presentations from the second release of IFS Cloud, 21R2, which can help you deliver when it matters most.

When watching the presentations you will get highlights from IFS representatives on the latest version of IFS Cloud. You can also access industry-specific presentations about how the latest innovation will benefit your business.

Hear, among others, IFS Chief Product Owner, IFS Sr Product Manager and IFS Sr VP of Business Applications talk about the latest release of IFS Cloud. How can it help you on the way to achieving your goals and what tools, features and capabilities are available to do so?

IFS Cloud release - Novacura

10 release presentations to choose from:

  •  21R2 Product Highlights
  •  Value of Evergreen
  •  Added Value Services for IFS Cloud
  •  IFS Cloud for Manufacturing
  • IFS Cloud for Construction
  • IFS Cloud for A&D Manufacturers
  • IFS Cloud for Aviation Maintenance
  •  IFS Cloud for Energy & Utilities
  •  IFS Cloud for Telco
  •  IFS Cloud for Service Management

Access the presentations and find out more about IFS Cloud in the context of your business area by clicking on the button below. 

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