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Barcode solution with Novacura Flow

HUBER SE upgrade their barcode scanning processes with Novacura Flow

Berching, DE – Novacura created a working proof of concept in just 1.5 days.

HUBER SE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and sludge treatment, has partnered with Novacura to digitalize inventory and reporting processes in their facilities.  

The deal, which includes workflow and reporting solutions, came about as HUBER upgrade to the IFS Applications 10 ERP system. As part of the update, the manufacturer was looking for options to replace its current barcode scanning solution. 

Using their signature software called Flow, Novacura were able to create a working proof of concept in just 1.5 days. 

"The decision to Novacura was the simple creation of the flows," says Thomas Meier of HUBER SE. "The concept of low-level programming with simultaneous visualization of the processes in the flows are very good."

Novacura is also working on two new portals for HUBER: one for internal error reports and another for missing parts. 

HUBER is one of the first EU companies to use Novacura’s new Cloud/SAAS offering. They have plans to add more than 100 additional Flow users once the transition to IFS Applications 10 is complete.

“We are thrilled to help HUBER with their digitalization/paperless initiative,” says Roel Veenman, Sales Manager for Novacura DACH. “This is a perfect fit with Novacura Flow to deploy our concept that has been successful internationally for many years into the German market.”


With more than 45,000 installations in 60 countries worldwide, HUBER SE is one of the leading companies in the field of water, wastewater, and sludge treatment. At their headquarters in Berching, Germany, 700 employees develop and manufacture products, manage projects, and develop system solutions for municipalities and industries. 

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Novacura is a human-centric IT-company using services and software to streamline and simplify our customers’ business-critical processes and ERP platforms. We’re passionate about creating solutions that enable our customers to work smarter and faster in their businesses. 

Novacura is privately held and has offices in nine countries, including Sweden, Germany, Poland, Norway and the USA, and headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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