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How Manufacturers Can Combine Industry 4.0 and Legacy Systems

Combine Industry 4.0 and legacy systemsThe International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that only 30% of manufacturers currently investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcome: the rest will be held back by outdated business models and technology.

But ripping out old systems and replacing them with something completely new isn't just costly: it's extremely risky, especially when some Industry 4.0 technologies are still relatively untested on the shop floor. 

So, on the one hand: Industry 4.0 innovations could revolutionize the shop floor, increasing production and efficiency to new levels. But on the other hand: replacing all your systems with something completely new is a big gamble. 

So, the challenge for many manufacturers is how to incorporate Industry 4.0 technology—things like smart devices, augmented reality and advanced robotics—on the shop floor while continuing to work with older, legacy systems.

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