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How Novacura's customers profit from our global thinking with local acting

In an ongoing increasingly globalizing world firms also profit more and more from one of Novacura's main pillars of its success in the last decade: to always think as one global organization and act accordingly.


Many medium-sized enterprises will recognize the relevance of doing business transnationally - even without having operational facilities in multiple countries the importance of having sales organizations or at least customers abroad will be of strategic relevance to virtually all firms in today's society. Having a partner that not only recognizes the relevance of this, but is also organized in such a way that its customers benefit from it when using our products or services will also give you as a customer a significant edge in your daily operations. Here's why:


Better solutions quicker

With an optimized utilization of global know-how Novacura is able to deliver better solutions to its customers, faster. This may be a bold statement, but from personal experience I know how valuable it has been for our customers to benefit from the deep knowledge of ERP systems that Novacura employees collectively possess and the smart approaches to typical recurring IT challenges we jointly have. Many of today's challenges when working with ERP are specific and highly complex at first sight, but turn out to be recurring and resolvable after initial analysis. Having quick and uncomplicated access to a colleague that has faced the same or similar challenges makes a difference. Novacura's repositories that keep track of these issues and the managerial encouragement to help each other ensure that this will actually happen. For example, in case a customer asks me what options exists to facilitate operational reporting I can present three alternatives, proven solutions we implemented in different counties, within a few business days. But also a more fundamental tasks like rolling out your ERP-solution to China or integrating your Warehouse Management System has been done before and risk & complexity are significantly reduced when such expertise is applied.


Utilizing local expertise globally

Some countries are predestined to have a better fundamental understanding of certain topics than others. Clichés aside, due to its local government policies and educational infrastructure Swedish IT professionals will be better at designing and delivering IT innovation. More pragmatically, professionals that work for more than 20 years with IFS Applications are only available in the Nordics (with Sri Lanka as a runner-up) as this product has barely been in use outside of this country. For any customs-related topic any business professional in Switzerland has a fundamental understanding as a proportional high amount of sales transactions are crossing customs borders. For cloud computing, the average understanding of this topic in the U.S. goes way beyond European understanding. Novacura acknowledges this, takes it into account when staffing initiatives and makes sure its customers benefit regardless of their geographical location.


Working around the clock

I admit in some occasions response delays occurred, but being aware of the different time zones our colleagues are in brings some handy advantages when delivering our services. For any task that requires downtime, like applying a patch to Oracle, we try to schedule work outside of the customers' working hours by using the time zone differences our colleagues in other continents are in.

Fifteen years ago I graduated on firms that are 'born global', conducting business internationally nearly instantly after their inception. Back then I would have never suspected that today I would work for such a firm that was being founded in that same period. My master's thesis concluded that firms with this kind of mindset are superior than those who lack this - beyond the joy of working this way it is a nice coincidence to be part of an organization that proves this every day while providing smart solutions to its customers. And yet we do not deny the relevance of local presence and understanding - this is exactly the reason that despite our modest size we have offices in ten different countries. The language aspect of our product Novacura Flow is maybe the most salient example - building applications you can do in English and English only, making sure solutions are universally maintainable, but our applications can be used in any language you like.

Recognizing the patterns of recurring challenges, identifying solutions by making use of proven practices (most issues in IT have been resolved somewhere else sometime earlier, the art is in identifying this and applying a solution accordingly) while working with different nationalities every day makes a difference, and this is in our DNA at Novacura.


Contact us in case you want to benefit from our services as well or if you also want to work with us!

Posted by: Roel Veenman

I have over 10 years of international experience in implementing and optimizing ERP-centric IT solutions. I have been working in several different roles with companies in four different countries. Currently my focus is on establishing Novacura in Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux.

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