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The process of merging and upgrading ERP systems

Novacura upgraded 2 ERP systems and merged into 1 with zero modifications

The Norwegian companies E-CO Energi and Eidsiva Vannkraft have been merged to a larger and stronger environment within the production of hydropower and innovative electrification solutions. The new company is called Hafslund Eco and consists of over 400 employees.

E-CO Energi and Eidsiva's applications (IFS 8 and IFS 9) existed as two different installations. As part of the merger of the former companies, Hafslund Eco decided to consolidate their two existing ERP systems into one common system. The integration was considered essential in the path of becoming one company. Novacura had the honor of being their choice of contractor for this journey and used Novacura FLOW as an important piece of the solution.

Hafslund Eco is one of Norway's leading energy companies. The company owns, operates and maintains hydropower plants, supplies systems and balance services to the power system, and transfers power in the wholesale market. Hafslund Eco is Norway's second-largest hydropower producer with an average production of close to 21 TWh per year.


A valuable upgrade and important choice of contractor

In June 2020 Hafslund Eco started the upgrade project together with Novacura. A major project that was finalized in March 2021. It was a challenging time due to Covid-19 where things had to be done virtually. It was important for Hafslund Eco to find a company that could consolidate and upgrade ERP systems remotely within the given timeframe.

"We are very pleased with our choice of Novacura as a supplier and partner in the upgrade to IFS 10. The team from Novacura consisted of very competent resources who worked well with us to reach the project's milestones and short timeline. The team’s expertise gave us security during the project and Novacura went to great lengths to find solutions to our challenges. FLOW has been a key tool for resolving perceived shortcomings in IFS. Together we succeeded in delivering the project on time and in line with goals.”

- Adriana Jost, Project Manager  



The major benefit of the project was to consolidate the two existing ERP systems thereby enabling the company to integrate business processes.
All customizations were removed because the functionality was no longer needed, it exists in IFS 10 or was built using Novacura FLOW. 

"The project was run completely from remote due to Covid-19. It was a bit special but was not seen as a problem for Novacura. Our organization is global and we staff our projects based on the best suitable competencies rather than geography, meaning that Novacura is used to collaborate virtually. This time it was just on a bigger scale with a large project and no physical meetings at all. It went very well and I felt that Novacura, our partner Align Consulting and our very skilled customer Hafslund Eco had great cooperation, not limited by Covid." Says Fredrik Malmgren (Novacura), Project Manager for the Hafslund Eco project.

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