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Jensen Precast Improves Truck Dispatch and Delivery Efficiency with Novacura Flow

Jensen Precast improves the operational efficiency of its truck dispatch and delivery service with a tailor-made app using Novacura Flow.

Jensen Precast, one of the largest independently owned precast concrete companies in the US, was looking for a way to maximize the efficiency of its truck dispatch and delivery service. Precast concrete can be expensive to manufacture and ship, and Jensen Precast knew that profitability was dependent on making the proof-of-delivery process as efficient as possible. 

To make the dispatch and delivery method more efficient and profitable, Jensen Precast used Novacura Flow's low-code development platform to automate paper-based processes and resolve the responsiveness of its dispatch system.

The proof-of-delivery app helped Jensen Precast to:

  • Improve insight of orders and trucks
  • Achieve real-time data entry at the time of delivery
  • Optimize delivery routes with GPS tracking
  • Improve dispute resolution with more accurate insight
  • Enhance the customer experience with improved communication

To learn more, read the full story here.

"What took our team three weeks to develop in-house
only took 45 minutes with Novacura Flow."

- Josh Burns, Software Development Manager at Jensen Precast



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