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App-to-app connectivity in Flow 6.11!

Flow 6.11 is here, and with it comes some app-to-app connectivity! What's app-to-app connectivity? It's the ability to launch external apps (like Google Maps) from inside the Flow app. 

There are thousands of ways to use this new feature: you can see a few of them in the video below. We're excited to see how you put it use!


We’re also pleased to announce the launch of a new feature in Flow 6.11: Flow Print. With Flow Print, you can print text and signatures right from Novacura Flow.  

Read on for all the details about Flow 6.11.

New Features 

Flow Print 

With Flow Print, you can print text and signatures right from Novacura Flow. This makes it easy for people out in the field to update invoices, collect signatures and print receipts—all from within the Flow app. Flow Print connects to printers via Bluetooth, so it works for both online and offline flows.  Watch this video for more details: 


Studio Improvements 

New user step objectExternal App Launcher 

Use the External App launcher to launch an external app like Flow Print or Google Maps directly from a workflow. 


Improved navigation 

We’ve made some improvements to the navigation elements in Flow Studio: 

  • Tab: move down to next field 
  • Tab + Shift: move up to previous next field 
  • Arrow down language field: opens the language box 
  • Tab language box: go to next language 
  • Enter language box: close the box 

New item step: Import and Export Data 

This new feature allows you to import and export of data to and from the workflow Table element. 

The allowed import formats are tab, semi colon and colon. The export format is csv only. 


From Studio, you can now extract information about roles, users, connectors and workflow changes and then save your report in csv format. 

Flow Client 

No more thief countdown 

When a user is logging in on another device, you can now immediately take back the session. This is applicable for all clients  


Android UI changes 

Welcome to the new, improved Flow Android interface!

  • The font, font size, ​ and margins are standardized.
  • The look of input fields​ and menu selections is changed.
  • The icons are standardized and changed.


You can read the full release notes here. 

Happy Flowing and Happy Holidays! 

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Posted by: Petter Larsson

Petter Larsson, Co-founder and Product Manager
Petter Larsson is the product manager and co-founder of Novacura. With long and extensive experience from working with ERP systems, both as project manager and as a systems developer, Petter is responsible for developing Novacura Flow.



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